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Introducing OnePlugin Media

👋 Introduction#

OnePlugin & Craft CMS One line of code turning templates into bespoke content rich sites.

With OnePlugin Media and one line of code, gain immediate access to a library of over 2500+ SVGs which you can customise to suit from within the control panel. Easily match your style guidelines and template requirements.

With a range of features that combine the core features and bring the power of your favourite plugins combined, OnePlugin is a content managers dream come true.

If we don't have the icon you're looking for, flick us a note and we may just make it for you. Have an icon that's already imbued with the midas touch? Drag and drop and you're good to go. OnePlugin is here to bring content to the forefront, without holding you back.

⚡️‍ Features#

  • 0 external dependencies.
  • 2500+ SVGs.
  • Switch between custom SVGs and images.
  • Manage asset folders with no additional configuration required.
  • No limitations to asset parameters.

🎬 Media Support#

  • Manage image files in Craft CMS 3.0 configured the way you want it.
  • Select from 2500+ SVGs all with MIT license and cause we love them and you.

🎯 Easy to Use#

Write minimal code for maximum effect, render SVGs & images how you like.

// entries.oneplugin is the Craft CMS field name{{ entries.oneplugin.render() }}

💬 What others say#

It's crickets at the moment! If you want the first word, feel free to tweet everything or anything about your OnePlugin experience. But don't forget to tag @pluginone. Otherwise, we will miss your tweet.

❓ Something missing#

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how we can improve it or the plugin in general, please file an issue or join our Community Discord and flag it in the #issue channel.