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OnePlugin Fields Content Sync

We update our animated and static icon libraries with periodically in response to community requests or as our internal team generates new customisable content.

Content updates#

All content updates are free if you have a plugin license.

Sync new content via the Craft CMS control panel. We update our twitter with content previews and content pack release details, subscribe to stay upto date.

How to check for updates and download them?


Protip: Latest content updates can be downloaded without having to reinstall OnePlugin Fields.

  1. Navigate to OnePlugin Fields then click on Content Sync in the control panel. Your content pack 'Current Version' is shown here.

  2. Click Check for Updates.

  3. If an update is available, the 'Download Now' button will appear.

  4. Click Download Now. Your content pack version number will be updated once the download is complete.

Protip: Just so you know, all our content updates are backwards compatable, so don't be afraid to update your version. It is sound development practice and we recommend taking a DB and code snapshot before updating your content on larger sites.