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Introducing OnePlugin Fields

👋 Introduction#

ONE PLUGIN + CRAFT CMS = One Line of Code, Thousands of Possibilities

With OnePlugin Fields and one line of code, gain immediate access to a library of over 2500+ SVGs editable to suit your style guidelines and template requirements, 300+ and counting animated icons Embed and resize videos with a link, Google maps, with or without an API key, Read only embedded PDFs and PPTs. With a range of features that combines the value of multiple plugins, OnePlugin is a content managers dream come true.

⚡️‍ Features#

  • Over 300+ animated icons.
  • Manage nine content types.
  • Simple to implement with 0 external dependencies.
  • Switch between multiple content types dynamically.
  • Over 2500+ customisable SVGs
  • All in one management of Images, Videos, SVGs, Animated Icons, Maps, Microsoft documents, Social feeds, Webpage previews, iFrames, Marketing forms and interactive PowerPoint docs.
  • Has 0 external dependencies.
  • Enable caching in order to save prerendered HTML snippets of rendered media types.
  • Limit site bloat by loading only the code the page needs to display with our intelligent loading.

🎬 Media Support#

  • Manage image files in Craft CMS 3.0 with no additional configuration.
  • Embed a video link from any publicly accessible source.
  • Embed functional read only Power Point, PDF, Excel or Word document.
  • Embed any Publicly Available Social Feed.
  • Select and edit 300+ Animated Icons.
  • Embed a web page preview with a URL.
  • Embed third party marketing forms e.g. Hubspot.
  • Embedded Google Maps with or without an API key.
  • Edit 2500+ SVGs from within the control panel.

🎯 Easy to Use#

Write and maintain less code while dynamically handling nine media types. With pre-rendered HTML generated and stored against a hash when you enable caching in the settings.

// entries.oneplugin is the Craft CMS field name{{ entries.oneplugin.render() }}

💬 What others say#

Actually, nothing, yet. If you want to be the first one, don't mind tweeting whatever you think about AgileTs. But don't forget to tag @pluginone. Otherwise, we can't find your tweet.

❓ Something missing#

If you find any issues with the documentation, get stuck or have any suggestions on how we can make it better, please reach out. file an issue or join our Community Discord and flag it in the #issue channel. Or send us a message on Twitter.